APN’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement from the CEO’s Desk

Diversity of backgrounds and perspectives benefits us by providing diffrerent ways of looking at our business. Promoting inclusion leads to innovative breakthroughs for our customers and an engaging employee experience for our people. Commitment to inclusion and diversity begins at the top. Inclusion comes from open interactions with people who think differently than us. It comes from teams that collaborate across disciplines, identities, and cultures from around the globe.

Inclusion and diversity are not just words on paper, they are part of our core values. Building Together is the way we do business and critical to our future success. We strive every day to create a work environment where employees can openly express challenges and share perspectives.

APN’s Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Our strategy for diverse recruiting is centered around our best pracces. We have been ranked a “Top Diversity Business” for multiple years due to the diversity focus we have adopted in our recruiting process. Being a Minority owned company, we understand the value of diversity and have it entrenched through these best practices in our recruiting process.

Emphasis on the importance of diversity in backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, viewpoints,  genders and experiences to all recruiters, interviewers, and decision makers.

Targeted Recruiting for development and advancement of underrepresented talent, at all levels- intern, experienced and Senior Talent.

Job postings emphasizing the focus on diversity hiring/recruiting.

Collecting testimonials from a diverse range of successful candidates and clients

Tracking our diversity hiring efforts so we can improve diversity over time and present diversity data to use as a hiring asset.

Focus on creating a culture of inclusion and belonging by educating and creating awareness internally.

To achieve our goals of having a diverse and multiethnic team here are the steps we follow:

Partner with Diversity organizations like NMSDC and Diversity Business. (We have been ranked a Top Diversity Business)

Monitor Diversity recruiting efforts with metrics.

Established diversity as an essential to our brand by highlighting our Minority status.

Use Automating sourcing tools to eliminate bias